Batting for Change was founded in 2013 by former Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder batsman Ryan Carters as a fundraising committee of The LBW Trust, with a vision to bring cricket-lovers together to level the global playing field in education. Batting for Change has raised more than $1 million since its inception.  

Batting for Change raises funds to support students from developing, cricket-playing countries to complete tertiary education; both vocational and university. Over 1000 students from countries including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Indonesia and Afghanistan are supported annually by Batting for Change. 


The support of Batting for Change has been fundamental to the well-being of these students throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Most of their universities have been closed since March and these students have had to focus on their, and their family’s survival during a major, local economic downturn. 


The Corporate Cricket Challenge is in its fourth year in Sydney. We thank St Joseph’s College for their continued support of this event.

For the first time, the Corporate Cricket Challenge will also be held in Melbourne this summer. We welcome 8 new corporate teams to join this event and wish to thank Haileybury College for providing the venue and local arrangements / equipment.  


Other events hosted by Batting for Change include: 

  • National Backyard Cricket; inaugural event In November 2020. This is a community event focused on having fun and supporting a good cause. Families, clubs and organisations are invited to host a game of backyard cricket anywhere, anytime during the month of November for a $20 donation in support of our tertiary students and regional and rural Australian libraries. Further information to come. 

  • Prime Minister’s Backyard Cricket game is held annually in October in collaboration with the Fitzy and Whippa program on Nova radio. We are hopeful that this event will proceed in 2020. 

  • Governor General’s Backyard Cricket game is scheduled for 24th November at the GGs residence in Canberra. Arrangements for this event are underway. 

It is our hope that the Batting for Change vision will inspire cricket lovers everywhere to stand up to level the playing field in global education. 


Batting for Change operates to support The LBW Trust.