Every match supports education

In cricket playing nations

about national backyard cricket day

National Backyard Cricket Day is a community event to raise funds to level the global playing field in education. We believe Australians can come together to create transformative educational opportunities for disadvantaged young men and women in cricket-playing nations.


The official date is Sunday 31st January 2021, but you can host your Backyard Cricket Game anytime that works for you. 


We know that gathering in big numbers while we face the COVID-19 challenges is not possible, but you can have your immediate family or housemates involved in your game or go to your local park or beach with some friends for a fun afternoon of cricket together. You can do what works for your family and friends by enjoying cricket in the outdoors. 


Whatever you choose, know that every dollar you raise will help fund Batting for Change’s education initiatives in rural libraries around Australia and the world in cricket playing nations to level the playing field in education.


Everyone deserves an education, every student deserves an opportunity to realise their potential, and to create their own future. Together, we can transform disadvantage into opportunity, allowing our students to Learn for a Better World.


If you'd like to host your own National Backyard Cricket Day fundraiser, you can register here!